His Burger is UNBELIEVABLE (Best in Bangkok)


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  1. Dumb fuks. Full of shit. Theres this place in coneticut their way is best way. Triple grind to make it tender. I keep zero fat. Eat it on a toast. Make a thin patty on your palm, it should be loose and not condensed or stuck tight. Add whatever condiments you like. Beef should be vvvv light pink. Similar to lamb chop near the bone colour. Add nothing to the beef. U want to taste the meat and everything around it, is just a cunt flap, a good burger should taste like a virgins cunt

  2. So basically he is a millionaire who is just doing something for fun, right ? If not, then teach me how to not starve while working part-charity like you are lol 😮 cause I run like donkey in warehouse and got NOTHING literally NOTHING .

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