Highly Requested Restaurant Style Prosperity Yam Ring Recipe 佛钵飘香 Chinese Seafood & Chicken Stir Fry


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  1. Hi Roland and Jamie if I want to make this for dinner tomorrow night. Can I steam and make into paste tonight and put in freezer? Or fridge?

    Will it be too wet the next day when I deep fry it? Hope to hear from u … thanks.

  2. Hi Roland, I followed most of your receipes during the CB and it all turned out great. I would like to try to make this yam ring but I don't know how to choose yam. Any tips?

  3. Hi Roland, I hope to hear from you rgd the comment I posted 1 week ago as I really like all your recipes n hv tried some of them but this time round, my Yam basket was a flop. Tks.

  4. For thickening I like to use potato starch(not sweet potato starch) as it results in a thicker, clearer and glossier finish product. Another alternative is tapioca starch. Cornstarch is kinda like all purpose starch, thickening with it will result in cloudy look. For dusting the yam I would use sweet potato starch for the added outer crisp.

  5. its my first time preparing yam, is there any i need to know about preparing it? like proper way to peel it?, do i need to keep them submerged in water to prevent oxidation?

  6. Hi Roland. I tried this today but sadly it did not turn out. Firstly the dough did not solidify even though I freeze it for almost 2 hours. When I took it out from the freezer, it was so sticky and I cant even mold it like you did. It stuck to the wire mesh when I deep fry it n it also collapse. Pls tell me where did I go wrong

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