High Protein Vegetable Soup Recipe


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  1. Hi there! Hope that when you receive this message you'll be in great amazing health 🙂 I would like to eat all those veggies but I just can't put them down… Can I blend them? Thank you and happy new year 🙂

  2. looking fantastic, great soup, looks fantasic indeed !
    I to know HONESTLY,,, did ya nail the garlic in the pot on the first take?  that would have taken me all day !… ok just got to the end of the video… yep.. we think alike !

  3. I love one pot vegetable soups. I make them a lot. Thanks for a great recipe and it looks so delicious. I'll be sure to throw in the whole garlic head 😉  I love easy, fast and delicious.

  4. Hi stef.. I sent a message yesterday on your email adress.. Did you receive it?
    If not.. Can you re-write it please 🙂
    I finally found the recipe 🙂 and ready to send it to you!!!

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