High Protein Mango Lassi Recipe – How To Make Dairy Free Vegan Mango Lassi Without Dahi/Curd/Yogurt


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  1. Hi Nisa, I have a question re Moringa drink that you have provided the resize for. Your recipe uses fresh moringa leaves. Unfortunately, I do not have any source for getting fresh leaves. I do have moringa power. Can I use that. If yes how much in a 8 oz glass . Thanks much.

  2. I got the dark chocolate which u suggested . very bitter so cant eat kindly give me idea to use it in some receipes and m in weight loss cant ve sugar . pl help

  3. From last 10days I'm following your channel and I tried 6 recepies .your are so humble human being for sharing such a mouth-watering recepies and making us so happy.I noticed one thing after I trying your recepies is I became so calm and I'm sharing it to my friends .Thank you madam with love❤️🙂

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