High protein & FAT FREE Khichda – Indian Vegetarian Bodybuilding Recipes | BeerBiceps Vegan


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  1. Hey just started watching your videos … very very good and Indian and so so easy… can you also mention the calories for your recipes.. it'll help so much plan for the day.. following the 5:2 diet and struggling what to eat during the fasting days … thanks much and keep 'em coming

  2. pressure cooker Mai banaye huye khane Mai koi b protein NAHI rehta aagar aapko vishvash na ho to aap YouTube par pressure cooker talk about Rajiv dixit likhie pata chal Jayega ki aap be Jo protein meal banayi hai usmai kitna protein hai plssss

  3. I used to regularly go to gym and have a great work out and would be perfectly fine. But for the past 2/3 months I have been going to the gym. But the next morning I'd be feeling really rough, I'd have a sore throat, fever and this would persist for 2 days and then after around 3/4 days id be fine again. And I thought this maybe because of winter flu in january, so i just took some time out to recover and started gym end of jan again after 2 weeks of complete recovery. But then same thing again the next morning, sore throat, fever, general rough feeling

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