Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork BBQ Recipe


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  1. Pulled pork takes practice. It isnt hard to do and this vid shows that. Time time time is what it takes to get a shoulder delicious. Living in the Northwest of the USA I do a few shoulders a year. (Or butts as us yanks call them)

  2. Nice to see how its done Down Under! I soak the pork shoulder in apple juice and onions for at least 24 hours before cooking to give it more flavor. Sprinkle on my own dry rub made from nearly every spice and herb I have. Then I use a Cookshack electric smoker oven for 17 hours with apple wood for the smoking. After pulling it apart I mix it with my BBQ Sauce for Amateurs and voila! — the best pulled pork sandwich in Silicon Valley! Hope you'll take a look. Thanks for a great video, mate!

  3. don't care that it's pouring here. I have 2 slabs of ribs going, turkey legs & wings, & this almost done off to the side.

    If I get struck by lightning out there tending the coals, I die grilling so I die well!

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