Herb Crusted Roast Beef Recipe | Eye of Round Roast | White Thunder BBQ


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  1. Good Golly and Good Grief as well, what a fabulous roast! My goodness the artwork of your video footage is always a pleasure to watch and the resulting food….well, what can I say other than perfection! Your Brandy mustard sauce was delightful. The herb crusted roast a treasure, and both together heavenly! You are a culinary magician, sir.

  2. Nate, I loved this recipe for your herb crusted roast beef. Using the eye of round, and doing it with the fresh herb paste, made the usual roast beef recipe into something special. Looks like you cook it to perfection, a very nice recipe indeed.

  3. I can't remember if it was Greg from Ballistic or Matt from Changon, but damn i'm happy i found this channel. Is it wrong that i watched this video twice in a row?? lol Absolute winner recipe!! May i ask though, is 120ish really the temp for roast-beef? I'm used to more red-color in the middle… and living in Austria all these years sort of not sure about temps… Celsius and all. I bet it was tender as hell though 😀

  4. Wow, Nate! Phenomenal cook! The herb paste you made fresh was fabulous enough for it's own video. But you were just getting started. You really showed your expertise in the way you browned and grilled the roast beef. The mustard brandy sauce added at the end blew my mind! That kicked the dish up to unreachable notches! Thank you for showing us how it's done my friend!

  5. Nate said:
    "This was by far one of the best things I have eaten in the past couple months. "
    Can't think of a better recommendation than that to give it a try!!

    Home grown fresh herbs (Check!!) – great sear (Check!) – awesome smokey fast/slo-mo (Check!)…synch music with sauce drizzle (Check!)….all on a cut o' beef I wouldn't normally think of grilling at all, without a marinade… But it looks like it all checks out! 🙂
    Checks Nate!!
    Oh, I meant
     Cheers, Nate!!

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