Herb and Garlic Crusted Pork Chops Recipe – by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Ep 126


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  1. I just did this. It was soooo good! Since I didn't have any herbs I just added salt, pepper and garlic powder to the chops and I made the sauce exactly the same. With some mash potatoes and used the sauce as gravy. YUMM. Thank you Laura ???

  2. what a great recipe. i cut it in half using italian salad dressing to marinate the chops in and later to cook them in. i guess fresh is best doing it your way. mine works in a pinch. thanks for a great video and your kitchen is wonderful.

  3. I tried these tonight and they were a hit!!! I cook for 9 people 6 adults so I made a lot. I just used the same pot for all of it. I just kept turning the pork chops around while they simmered in the onion sauce. I will definitely make this again.

  4. My very first time making chops. Got a massive amount from Costco. They always have an excellent quality of meats. Made my own ghetto chicken stock. Water, poultry seasoning and butter. Bam! Still delish. lol Mr. Wonderful. .aka my fiance couldn't get enough. Home run again Laura

  5. OMG!!! I WAS LITERALLY DANCING IN MY KITCHEN AFTER EVERY BITE!!!!!  I ate it over rice, the sauce/gravy that the onions make is perfect!!! I ate til I was sick because I couldn't stop eating it!  SO VERY GLAD I FOUND YOUR COOKING VIDEOS AND SOOOO very thankful that you share!

  6. Just enjoyed this pork chop recipe at home with Mashed Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts.  Thank you for all the cooking tips throughout the video.  I'm hooked; on your website now!

  7. i will have to make this tomorrow for my man !! I seasoned 8 chops for him n 7 for me and i will add the parsley n rosemary but he just likes his original salt n pep.

  8. Great Recipe, have made this many times but I have one suggestion. Do NOT put the garlic on the chops at the beginning. It will burn and taste bad. Add it to the onions when they are done, 1 or 2 mins before putting in the chicken stock. You will still get the flavor without the burnt garlic taste.

  9. every thing i want to cook, you make better. plus you look sooooo delicious. your sooooo gorgeous. wow. thank you. let me know if your husband isnt treating you right. keep making videos please. i love your accent, your mannerisms, everything about you is just amazing! thanks!

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