Hearty Miso Soup Recipe (The Healthiest Japanese Food with Plenty of Vegetables) | Cooking with Dog


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  1. Nice to know that she is still healthy and still making these videos. I was scared that she might stop making them after Francis I have been relying on her recipe's for a good 9years. I'm hoping to learn more.

  2. I just started cooking for myself more in Japan and found myself revisiting your channel.
    I remember trying to make some of these dishes while I lived in Canada as an actual child!! I had a hard time finding some ingredients.

    Also unrelated but when I first saw the apron talk I thought I was losing my mind.

  3. The ending is so cute! So happy to see you smile, Chef! 😄 this recipe for healthy miso soup looks so delicious packed with all of those veggies! And I learned something new today about freezing mushrooms! I did not know you can freeze shiitake and shimeji! Thank you for the delicious recipe, Chef!! 💖

  4. Watching a Cooking with Dog video never fails to brighten my day. Hope Chef's having as much happiness as she inspires in the hearts of us all.

  5. Made this recipe recently, and I will DEFINITELY make it again. Ingredients prep was pretty quick, and everything came together easily. I used Chinese red mustard greens (closest to mitsuba I could find), and subbed renkon/lotus root for potato. Thanks for another winner, Chef <3

  6. Love your recipes, I've been following your channel for many years (maybe Erm…6 or so years). Your recipes are generally my go to when I want to make a meal. Hope you're doing well chef 😀

  7. I watched this a very very loooong time ago and just reminded by this show n started to search it again in youtube and wondering where franchise is and found out he is died already 🙁 …time flies

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