Healthy Work Lunches – 6 Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas On The Go


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  1. I see what your saying though, healthy food shouldnt only become relevant when trying to lose weight but instead should just be a part of the daily lifestyle

  2. I don't feel like crap when I eat a plant based diet because I fill up easily and plants heal you.I drink Almond Milk cuz I'm getting many more nutrients instead of drinking breast milk from a whole other species.People who drink cow milk are also drinking the same milk as a baby calf.But it's not just about health.If meat was healthy I still wouldn't eat it cuz animals don't deserve to be raised as food & slaughtered just so we can eat them.I don't like the fact that I'm eating something dead.

  3. hm that's quite an assertive address lol. i hear mixed things of the matter, but from my A&P coursework and a MAYO article i looked up in about 8 secs, water aids in digestion (MAYO: water/liquid w/ eating aids general breakdown of food). Also, a bit of connecting the dots, but water is absorbed colon (unlike alcohol/some meds. which is stomach) and so hydration might be important in that 'regard' (u can fill in the blanks). Assuredly, general hydration is salubrious ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. so do i, but vegans can't help but put me down. yes, i know meat is hard to digest that is why i eat it no more than three times a week and in small quantities, but it holds healing properties that can't be matched by other foods. eating until you're completely full will make you feel like crap on Any diet. being a natural bodybuilder i have count my macros, and eat clean small meals which is a healthy habit in itself. 80% of my fluid intake is purified water with the other being organic milk.

  5. @ezcondition Actually, most Vegans aren't selfish minded people. They just have a different way of eating. I mean, meat really isn't necessary for our diet if you think about it. How do you think animals get their protein? From plants. That's also how we should get ours. Meat is from a whole other body and that's why it is hard for us to digest so it just rots in our colons. But with the plant based diet as a Vegan, your insides are literally getting cleaned out and you don't feel like crap.

  6. lol you think vegans are selfish people? Sorry but thats a fairly dumb thing to say. Its easy to loose respect for people who dont care about the planet, animal cruelty or the 20,000 children that will starve to death today because they dont have food. Its people like you who do nothing, and know nothing that are selfish and ignorant. A vegan diet is very healthy, a raw vegan diet is best and you dont get fat from eating fruit, you could eat 20lbs of fruit a day and not get fat. Educate yourself

  7. i bet you look good in a g-string. i like to eat meat to make vegans gross out because most are selfish minded people that think they are better than others because of the way they eat. besides a steak every now and than is not unhealthy and you can get fat by eating to much of Anything. like eating fruit all the time is bad for your cell life and makes you grow old fast, plus fructose makes you have an abnormal appetite. variety and moderation is the key for a healthy body, mind, and soul.

  8. hmm. Well ofcourse it has brown rice in it. I also like to make nori rolls, with bean sprouts and veggies. Maybe some fried tofu. There's this really great website called justbento. com. It's not totally vegan, but it's got some pretty great ideas.

  9. or you can just get fruit… very easy, delicious, portable, healthy. Besides, if I eat 12 oranges for lunch my colleagues actually like the smell in the lunch area (compare this to Ms Fishlady who eats fish every day… you can imagine the smell after she's done with her lunch)

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