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  1. Hey Olivia, I am literally addicted to your vids. Have been binge watching all of them and loving everything.
    Really wanted to know if the tahini you mentioned in the lemon tahini bowl was just sesame seeds or a mix of garlic, lemon juice, chilli and sesame seeds? It’d mean a lot to me if you replied cuz I really want to make the bowl.
    And you’re doing a great work. Thank you for all your videos and hard work .

  2. Your recipies are always so good. I make them 5-6 times a week easily. I’ve had this one saved for awhile and going to make the sloppy joes for dinner tonight! I’ve never had a disappointing recipe yet. My favourite is the loaded baked potato soup. Mmmm that’s become a staple in our house. Switching out the potato for broccoli or cauliflower is also amazing!!

  3. I finally made the Lemon Tahini Bowl and it was just freaking amazing. That sauce…..!!! 🖒🖒The tacos are very good as well, especially the salsa. Its so good alone with some tortilla chips. Haven't attempted the burger yet, but its coming.

  4. I made the "Lentil Sloppy Joes" today for me and my family, and it was a success, they tasted sooo good! But I did also add some red bell pepper, garlic and some cumin into the mixture as well, and it turned out so well. 👍

  5. In the fresh corn tacos, is there something I can replace the mushrooms with? Me and my family are doing a cook your meals for the family week and I really want to do a vegan meal and the tacos look really good but none of my family likes mushrooms including myself. My dad is completely for meat and my mom used to be a vegetarian before she met him and going vegan has really interest me. I could use some advice. Thanks!

  6. I love your recipes. I'm not vegan but I need eat more healthy and it's so delicious. Thanks for your videos and beautiful eyes. Kisses from videos and beautiful eyes. Kisses from Spain.

  7. Hello Liv. I made the Vegan Sloppy Joe…….AMAZING!!! I will make this over & over again. Will be trying some of your other recipes over the next few weeks. Thank you for sharing & caring.

  8. All your recipes (and editing!) are so gorgeous, I'm trying to transition into a plant based diet and your channel is incredibly helpful. Another great slaw recipe I use is radicchio, vegan mayo, fresh cilantro, and salt+pepper!

  9. In case you're wondering, the answer is "No". Vegans do not actually know that they're crazy. True wackos never do. They just wake up unable to get out of bed one day, and someone has to bring them some vitamins and real food for a few days so they can recover.

  10. First time watching your video and I just wanna know if there is a video with a normal dude/ carnivore that is trying your meals? I'm willing to try vegan food but wanna know if it's worth it.

  11. I made the tacos, and omg it was awesome! Tonight I'm making another recipe from another video, I'm obsessed! I don't see myself as a cook, but I'm impressing myself with these recipes, thank you! 😀

  12. I would love to see a review video..where you review various vegan products, especially vegan dairy ,vegan "meat" products, plant based protein powders (if you use them)

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