Healthy Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe


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  1. I'm from NZ. The 1st time I tried peas in a tuna salad was about 1 year ago. I did this bc I didn't want the peas to go to waste. I put the peas next to the tuna pasta I made and accidentally mixed them together. To my surprise I enjoyed it very much now I always put peas in my tuna salad

  2. OMG!! Dani I have been following you and trying your different recipes and they are TERRIFIC!! I just made this Tuna Pasta salad and it is WONDERFUL!! I LOVE your recipes and will continue to follow you. Thank you Thank you. Love from Canada:)

  3. Honestly this was a very good recipe. For someone like me, who doesn’t like healthy food that much, I enjoyed eating this. BUT……I recommend it to be eaten fresh than stored in the fridge. I made it yesterday and bought it to work today and it tasted a bit dry and the past wasn’t as good. But if eaten fresh it’s VERY GOOD!

  4. Hey Dani!!! I love, love, love your channel! Quick question: when you packed your tuna salad, about how much do you pack? The containers that you used seemed to be a 2 cup container, I think?

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