Healthy Sweet Potato Toast Breakfast Recipe | A Clean Eating Recipe


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  1. Thank you again for a great idea. I will try the mashed avocado. I would use crystal sauce and top with an over easy egg. I can eat this as breakfast by itself or with steamed Broccoli on the side for lunch or quick dinner.

  2. I'm addicted to your YouTube videos – honestly haven't seen even one I don't like! So motivational, especially for a 53 year old trying to eat clean & lower carb/higher protein as I navigate major hormonal imbalances.

  3. Hi Dani. I love this idea as I'm trying to get the recommended amount of potassium each day in my diet. I tried making them but am having trouble cutting the slabs. Any further recommendations? It's hard to keep them still on the cutting board and to get a straight slab. Thanks!

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