Healthy Slow Cooked CHICKEN Stew Recipe (Bodybuilding/High Protein)


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  1. Question, the stew makes around 10 serving portions, and you would have to refrigerate it all, but surly eating stew cold is not everyone's cup of tea, so how would you heat your portion up, I'm quite hesitate reheating chicken in the microwave as it can be a bit dodgy.

  2. Just starting my off season Gain time and wanted to create a tasty way to fit 8 meals a day in so bought me a slow cooker. I was struggling for inspiration and it was 70year old MUM who we just hooked up to the Internet revolution with an iPad, who you tubed and found you. 😂 She thought because you have tattoos and muscles then it fits perfect with me so she put me onto you. Great channel buddy. I'm a new fan. Gonna try this recipe this weekend when I get the ingredients in. 👍👍👍

  3. Awesome, gonna make this within the next couple of days. In my younger years I didn't learn or try to cook. As a former competitive bodybuilder my Mom was my master chef. Thank you Protein Chef!!

  4. Aye you meat head. (Kidding) can i use this recipe even if I'm trying to cut weight? I weigh at 225 from weighing at 249 at the start of february on a full stomach I'm like at 228-230. I lift light weights and started doing cardio like swimming. I got tired of eating ground turkey and chicken breast. And I want to expand my varieties.

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