Healthy School Lunch Ideas : Hot Dog and Yogurt Recipe


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  1. 1:39 "for young children" BRUHH UR KID IS 17.. "never give ur kids banana that are cut round thats just as big as their windpipe" ok i tot thats for lil toddlers 1:56 "cut them up into little bite size pieces so that they wont choke" yeah for ur baby

  2. You're great. But…any kid who is too damn lazy to peel his own orange is a lazy ass mofo and can just starve because his life is going to slam him in the face when he gets older and realizes everyone isn't going to kiss his ass like his parents. If he is too damn lazy to peel an orange he is too lazy to receive his lunch. Parents creating spoiled brats. Way to go! Welcome that kid to a minimum wage life. He will think everyone is his servant and owes him his perfect life. That won't end well, for him. Purposefully creating spoiled brats? And people wonder why our country is going down the tubes. The parents let the kids rule them…not the other way around. Kids threaten child abuse. Let them. Let them know how you will beat them within an inch of their lives before child services gets there. Works like a charm with bratty know how the system works kids.The gov't is NOT on the side of parents. They do everything in their power to make kids grow up to be the way they now are…rotten little skanks. This obviously hit a nerve. Make him peel his own orange or find nothing for the next day. Works wonders for lazy people of any age.

  3. The fact that she cooks for her adolescent son doesn't even bother me, even if it's in a brown bag, but someone this big should be eating something much more nutritious than this. No adult would feel full with this, and even if they did, it's still not enough.

  4. Rebecca, you blew it when you allowed the audience to see your child! As you see from scores of comments, everyone thought you were making lunch for a little kid. Oh well, in your defense…Children will ALWAYS be their mama's baby even when they grow up and move out! Lol.😅 By the way, your lunch creations are still pretty nice. Enjoy your day! 😆

  5. Aloha Rebecca, I laughed watching your fish taco video.I have a helpful option for you. Instead of having butter, try butter flavored Pam instead. It will help with the sticking and use ALOT! It will taste buttery. Love your creativity. Aloha, Helen from Maui, hi.

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