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  1. that laughing cow cheese is also not good. It has alot of weird preservatives and ISN'T how cheeses should be (like 99% of the cases) because it's not fermented. Basically u have the fat and minimal calcium when eating that and ur missing out on all the good benefits u could be having. I recommend making true fermented cheese or finding a good brand at a whole foods store. when running a YouTube channel u always want to run the extra mile when talking abt health. We need abt a trillion living creatures of bacteria in order to have a healthy gut.

  2. those low carb tortillas at trader Joes are full of unhealthy flours and are very processed😔. Calories don't matter! It's the ingredients and nutrition that matters because ur body will process those foods to their nutrients not calories

  3. Cassey, can you make more cheap clean eats recipes for lunches or dinners that can easily be made for college students? I'm a commuter student, so I do have the luxury of using a kitchen at my house, BUT I find it hard to cook things that taste good and don't take uber long to make! Thanks! -Katie

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