Healthy School Lunch Ideas!


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  1. Agave syrup is seriously dangerous. You can get liver cirrhosis from it. Has the same effect on your liver as alcohol. It has 85% fructose. It only claims to be healthy. Even the nectars are usually syrup with just another label.

  2. I'm sorry but PLEASE don't promote animal products as healthy… Meat is horrendous for you, is full of saturated fat and very high in calories. Also protein doesn't 'fill you up with energy' carbohydrates are what your body breaks down for glucose and uses for energy. Fruits and vegetables have enough protein to keep you healthy.

  3. Thanks for your videos, Cambria Joy. My name is Elena Nguyen – i am oririomally from VietNam. Through watching your videos everyday that heps me enhance my Listening skill and speaking skill. I hope that you will make lots of private video clip like that and add English subtitle under the video in order to help VietNamese all of us can learn English more easier. Thanks a lot for your Video clips , cambria joy

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  5. Sorry but "your body knows how to use it"? Of coarse your body knows how to use it!! Your whole body RUNS on sugar!! I'm not saying eat processed sugar I'm saying eat fruit sugar and lots of it.

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