Healthy School Lunch Ideas


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  1. You need to try bananas and peanut butter in a sandwich. I can not believe in any of theses video you do not have your head light on bright.  I will keep looking! We We My little Butterfly!

  2. CatchPhrases
    Have that marker handy in your kitchen
    Heavy things on the bottom
    Go figure
    Into the bag it goes
    Aim shot fire
    Let them know mommy loves him
    School is their job

  3. I agree that kids like visually appealing shapes. I'm a teacher and this one child's mother cuts his PB&J diagonally twice (in both directions) to make four little triangles.  It looks cute and he eats it up!

  4. Not really liking the lunch ideas, but you seem very fun and funny!!! 🙂 I subscribed. Try lime / lemon on those apples…they won't turn brown. Force kids to eat stuff they don't like, but is good for them. That's what I do and it works lol.

  5. this is quit stupid. a kid will never learn to eat things if you teach them and help them by not letting them eat the skin of an apple or the crust of a bread slice. they should just eat what you make and not complain. if they don't like it… then it their problem. then it's no food… but yeah,, that's my opinion

  6. Nice healthy lunch idea. But any reason for not using a regular lunch box? Why create waste with disposable lunch bags.
    The edges of the bread can be buttered and baked to make great croutons.

  7. right, i agree,simply toss it out for the birds….they need a lunch or you could save all the ends and make bread crumbs or stuffing…there are options unfortunately the easiest way is taken without much thought

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