Healthy Recipes | Roasted Tomato Soup


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  1. Thank you so much for this! I just made it and it's delicious. I substituted the Vegetable Stock for a homemade stock of celery and carrots, and didn't add the balsamic vinegar to the tomatoes, but other than that, I followed your recipe & it came out great.

  2. so good i have made it several times now through out the winter with tomatoes i get at the grocery store in the discount section when they are xtra ripe..making another batch today , thanks again Ladiedottie xo

  3. Hello – I just wanted to say thanks for your soup recipe, it looks delicious. I love how you roastedyour tomatoes with balsamic vinegar first. I also make tomato soup and usually put rosemary in. You wouldn't think it works but give it a try as it's really super tasty.
    I also wanted to say thank for your vlogs, you both do a great job of sharing your life and your beautiful countryside. (I live in Australia) Your footage always make me feel super excited about my plans to move to the country one day with my husband. take care 🙂

  4. I don't get why she doesn't sample her food at the end in these videos. In pretty much every cooking show I watch they sample their creation so we can see the first reaction.

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