Healthy Recipes | Organic Turkey Bacon & Greens


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  1. Yo Brett, youre awesome. Youre one of the YouTubers i recommend to all my friends cause of all the healthy recipes u have. All these other youtubers go off macros and eat pop tarts and garbage. Thanks man. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for this, I love recipes. Specially easy recipes. I like that you blotted the meat. When I cook with coconut oil I get very lethargic, so I have to use very little, or use less saturated fats wich seem to not put me to sleep.

  3. Pleeeease make a video about eating healthy and gaining weight because I'm really thin and want to put on pounds but want to eat healthy. Its so hard because healthy food is usually geared more towards losing weight 🙂 I hop you sees this. thank you!

  4. Hey i was wondering if you could do a video on healthy foods or meals for someone who is a picky eater. For example me, i don't like any type of seafood and very little vegetables. Help Please 😖

  5. Hi +brettcap  love ALL of your videos. Can you tell me if you need to stop eating bread if you are trying to lose weight. i keep reading conflicting stories 🙁 I eat a little and its always wholemeal. Just wondering should i cut it out completely. thanks 🙂

  6. Hi Brett! Thank you for all your awesome tips and recipes! I am a personal trainer as well, and I love learning new things and hearing new opinions. I work at a lifetime fitness and we are very big on the nutrition side as well as exercise. Just wondering on your take of organic vs. Non organic foods. Obviously I know organic is better, but for people on a tight budget, would you say it's crucial to have organic in order to reach their goals?

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