Healthy Recipes : Low Calorie Imitation Crab Salad


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  1. Registered Dietician and Media Nutritionist?  Hmmmm…..
    As a healthcare professional for >28+yrs in Medical Care facilities (Hospitals and SNF's) I must admit I've only actually met "maybe" 2 or 3 nutritionists, ever!!!. And the Nutrition "experts" I've been influenced by via; work,books,and TV media have all seemingly claimed to be "self-assigned" experts in "everything" nutritive. Lisa D. strikes me as a genuine person, someone with genuine intentions with respect to healthy nutrition practices and intent. I do however wonder if she has any respect for the sanctity of traditionalism though?. Come on Lisa!, where's the: 
    worcestershire sce./chili sce./ketsup/paprika/old bay/horseradish/dijon must./salt & pepper/tomato/avocado/olive… ?!?  
    not "lo-Cal Lisa, this is "Lo-taste" (some might perceive as "white trash" lo-taste).

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