Healthy Recipes : How to Make Tuna Fish With Less Calories


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  1. Although I’m sure your tuna salad is good, I can no longer and will no longer eat tuna. Back in the day during my OB clinicals I helped deliver a baby to a woman who had BV!! Nearly knocked me out of my socks!!! Lol, The only thing worse than a woman with BV is a patient who has C.diff. So sorry Charlie no tuna for me!! You women need to take a hygiene course!!! Some of you are nasty ass mo fo’s!!!!!! WTF Chuck?????

  2. Well aint this one right outa the USDA cook book. Just need a glass of fat-free milk, couple slices of whole-wheat bread("of coarse"), and some naturally fat-free jello for dessert. Mmmmm, now thats some heart-healthy shit!

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