Healthy Recipes for Kids – Pizza!


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  1. Low fat cheese is too high in carbs for diabetics. Naturally occurring fat in the milk the cheese is great for diabetics since it slows down carb absorption and doesn't increase insulin levels. Protein and carb increase insulin but fat doesn't, so a low fat diet doesn't make sense for diabetes. We need fat more than we need carbs. Since I switched to a very low carb/high fat diet, I've kept my glucose levels in the normal range without any medications. I hate to see people led down a primrose path to loss of eyesight and limbs.

  2. @ ChunkyBowlSurprise dumb much?…dont have taco bells where you from.. mexican pizza is everywhere get off your butt and go out >>…stupid repay


  3. There is such thing as mexican pizza….but it has, beans, chorizo, bacon, and jalapenos, with cheese, etc….its super typical in mexico, maybe not in the U.S., tastes really good actually

  4. @ChunkyBowlSurprise I love Mexican Pizza even though it's not healthy.
    Homemade refried beans, cheese, chorizo, beacon, onions and tomatoe.
    You can't go wrong if you want variety other than the pepperoni/Hawaiing pizza.

  5. i would love to make that. Im at risk for diabetes so ill have that at the back of my mind… so easy to make….tortilla, beans, salsa n light cheese!

  6. Having to put peanut butter on the vegetables for the kids to eat them is sick. What is up with that?
    It's you as parent who decides what food your kids will enjoy. I'm 19 and I've eaten all kinds of vegetables for all my life, thanks to my parents who've served me great, healthy food and therefor got me used to it.

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