HEALTHY RECIPES: Delicious Green Pepper Bowls


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  1. Brett – you are awesome and all your videos are awesome and you are doing great things, but I'm really passionate about this "rinse chicken" myth.

    What happens is – someone rinses raw chicken and tiny tiny pieces of bacteria splash up onto clean dishes sitting on the dish drainer next to the sink. Then a child eats off the contaminated dish, gets a series illness, possibly dies. Rinsing raw chicken is bad. It really is. I urge you to Google it.

    Please – post a note on the video at 0:30 saying "I was wrong, do NOT rinse chicken." 

    And to anyone else who thinks "washing everything is good," do yourselves a favor and Google "should I rinse raw chicken." Sorry if I'm negative, but this ignorance is causing unnecessary food poisoning every day.

  2. hi BRETTCAP I m so sorry for those that are giving u such a dumb stupid shit comments ,  they dodnt appreciates what u guys do is they own dunkey bumbs lol ,
    but anyways thank u so much for the amamzing food u are teaching us for free and for u beautiful gf around teaching us make ups ,,
    u both are amazing and cute together ,,, I love u both . and great job  

  3. There is nothing wrong in giving chicken a rinse before cooking if this is what you want to do, give the guy a break. I think the recipe looked lovely thanks for sharing and i have subscribed. 

  4. WOW,at some of these comments,. REALLY??? you would think you didn't have to explain whats already common sense LOL… anyways, I just wanted drop a comment a thank you and your beautiful GF for GENUINELY caring trying to help people all around the world. You're a great role model of what a REAL MAN should be! instead of t bashing this MAN I would take some tips boys lol..
    thx brett for the awesome video.

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