Healthy Raw Food Breakfast Recipes : Using Natural Sweeteners for Raw Yogurt Breakfast Recipe


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  2. You still didn't need be so rude. Some of the things you included in you comment were very cruel and unnecessary. You can be as fanatic about yogurt as you desire without being so nasty. Immaturity from your part.

  3. Yogurt is quite healthy if local and you know for sure that the cows/goats are being fed and treated right which is VERY rare these days. I know for me Ill totally eat regular yogurt but I need to see the happy cows to believe it. Im not bought by ads on T.V

  4. @deadlyorgans That would make sense wouldn't it?! But every time I never find it. Denise let making web vids to the professionals. Just stick to cooking.

  5. Kind of odd to call it "yogurt" – could called a yogurt alternative for vegans. I imagine that most of the folks searching for yogurt are looking for a fermented food with probiotics in it, not just something to replace the texture of yogurt in a recipe.

    Ex.) If you're on antibiotics to kill an infection, your doctor might insist you eat something cultured/fermented to replace the beneficial bacteria in your intestines that will also be killed.

    There are other fermented foods to use instead.

  6. @ricer59 uh…. my ass is brilliant. and you know, raw food, often more than any other type of food is unforgiving to wrong proportions… but my point was SHE DOESN'T EVEN TELL YOU WHAT'S IN THE BOWL. hahahah, she's adding coconut butter and agave to what? it's pretty silly video eh? i've been eating raw food for 15 years (not all raw) they close up the bowl and you're like… uh where'd that stuff all come from? this seems like a "part 2" of a recipe. this vid is just 'sweetening' it i guess.

  7. Thumbs down to Agave? Agave is fabulous! I have used it for years and it has replaced about 90% of the sweeteners I use for everything. It does not cause the same blood sugar spice as white sugar and tastes great. Not sure why you're down on it???

  8. did you even watch the clip?? there is no dairy in her coconut "yogurt? If you plant a coconut, do you get a coconut tree? green smoothies are great, but some people might like a little variety.

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