Healthy Meals for Lazy People || Two Fav Crockpot Recipes


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  1. I made the crockpot cilantro chicken it was so easy and sooooo good. loved how quick it was to just throw everything together and done. I did make some mexican rice (I know unhealthy, but it was for my hubby and kids. who am I kidding I ate some too). But I loved it. will be trying the pesto recipe next.

  2. I did a quick variation of the crockpot chicken. I used 2 chicken breast, 12 oz salsa, 2 limes, and 1 seasoning packet. Basically what I had in my pantry, added rice (added 1 seasoning packet) and it turned out great!! * side note, I'm curious about how you run your business/notifications from social media, etc. Your online presence over the past few years has been phenomenal and I'm so curious how you manage and do it! Maybe a vlog idea?? <3 Thank you for your beautiful soul and positive messages every day 🙂 It's helped me develop so much these last 3 years!! <3 oh annnnd #snapchatlove

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