HEALTHY LUNCH IDEAS for Work/School | Easy + Filling!


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  1. Also! My go to lunch, for days when I work out with my trainer right after work, has been a roasted sweet potato and avocado. It is so filling and gives so much energy. Do you have any ideas how to spice it up or what toppings are good to pair with it? It's usually so bland!

  2. I take a bug portion of veggie soup in a flask. Depending on the soup, I might also take a whole meal seeded bap. As well as some fruit – tangerines and red grapes are my favourite and I'd normally take a yoghurt like Skyr. 🙂 I'd have a litre of water too. best lunch (usually sitting in my car) ever. X

  3. Just found your channel and can't get enough! Do the apples and avocados turn brown by the time you get to eat them for lunch?? Loved all your lunch ideas! 🙂

  4. This is so creative! I loved how you made the PB&J healthier. Could you do a video on how to make our 'typical' (un)healthy snacks good for us? As in a healthier version of the same thing? Thank you so much!

  5. New subscriber! Love your videos. Can you do something with dairy free options? Like good sources of protein, snacks, lunch or dinner ideas? Looking forward to seeing more from you! Xoxo

  6. New to your channel so much inspiration on here loved your wedding video just beautiful! One of my fave snacks is red capsicum (bell pepper ) with hommus with some sweet chilli sauce in it! I have a love affair for almond butter with pink lady apple my son hudson loves it to! And rice cakes with almond butter n sliced banana

  7. This week I made stuffed bell peppers for lunch. I do a southwest style with ground turkey, corn, black beans and onions, salsa and an egg to hold it together. Very yummy.

    Can you do a protein snack idea video? Thanks for always having amazing content!

  8. I pack salads similar to yours and most of the time brown rice with some sort of meat curry and a side salad with a side of almonds and dates and if I'm still hungry laughing cow cheese wedges !!

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