Healthy Lunch Ideas For Kids: How to pack a bento box


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  1. When being a parent, remember this;
    The food is going to be in a box. If your kid is bicycling to school all of the things in the schoolbag is going to be shaken. If your mother spent time love and effort making that food they will feel bad thinking that it was their fault, when really it is just bad planning by their guardian. When they make that mistake, some kids will feel bad for the rest of the day.

  2. Well here's a tip for the strawberry sandwich rolls if anyone wants to make it. Instead, make a whiped type of filling. (Just search Japanese Strawberry Sandwich recipes) **(OR, use whipped cream if not having the time.) These will taste so much better. Since cream cheese has a saltiness to it, strawberries are not too well with it.

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