HEALTHY & LAZY MEALS | 3 Easy & Healthy Recipes That Taste AMAZING! (Ad)


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  1. So happy to be working with Waitrose on another video sharing some easy and healthy recipes for you guys! Cooking and eating delicious, colourful and nutritious foods makes me feel amazing and I wanted to share a few lazy recipes that you can recreate yourself 🙂 As always, the recipes are all listed in the description, along with a full shopping list! For more information click here:

  2. I love the lentil soup recipe so much! I've made it more times that I can count since seeing this video. I add potatoes to make it a bit heartier, and because potatoes. Mmm.

  3. Can i call cultural appropriation on the lentil soup??? Hahaha that soup is part of our traditions here in Lebanon. It is my go to vegan dish ALL THE TIME. I eat it at least 3 times a week. We don't put carrots with it, though.

  4. It breaks my heart to watch you waste so much of the garlic and onion 😢
    Plus: If you use the back of the blade to scrape the ingredients off into the pan, your knife will stay sharp much longer
    I'm a huge fan of your videos, lots of love from Germany (and sorry for my bad English)

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