Healthy Jackfruit Recipes – Vegan Pulled Pork, Curry & Tortilla Soup!? – Mind Over Munch


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  1. I am cooking a lot of vegan foods lately. I am still eating fish and some dairy. I was wondering what you do for the protein that your dish doesn't have? I was reading how low Jack fruit is for protein and was hoping you had some ideas of how to increase it with the dishes you presented? Thank you for posting these fun and pretty dishes to make!

  2. Gudeg is one of Yogyakarta (Indonesia) signature dish that use young jackfruit as their main ingredient. You should tasted it 😃😃 Canned Gudeg are now available, too.

  3. Note since I am experimenting with fresh jackfruit myself.
    We have many sources down here for fresh, off the tree jackfruit because of hour dense SE Asian communities on the gulf coast.
    Ripe jackfruit is very sweet and tastes almost like chewing gun…especially Juicy Fruit.
    The recipes cited above are using green jackfruit in brine. We have the option of canned ripe jackfruit in heavy syrup used in deserts at our local Asian markets.
    Be sure you buy the right kind, there will be a difference in the outcome of your recipies even if you rinse and soak the fruit before cooking.

    Also, if you buy a whole green jackfruit there will be a HUGE amount of latex in them. Coconut oil is the only thing I know that will remove it from your skin, your knife, your work surface and anything else that comes into contact with the surrounding material encasing the fruit. If you have a latex allergy, take precautions before processing your fruit.

  4. I love trader Joe's, and I am not trying to be rude, but ever since Friday 1/26, there has been an outbreak of salmonella in their broccli, cauliflower, and their fish

  5. I have jackfruit in soup (non-vegan though) with legumes every once in a while. Never saw it in a bun though.

    We usually just have it either in stews or as desert (if ripe). Quite common here in Philippines.

  6. I've just started using jackfruit. The recipes I've seen say to cut the core off the jackfruit and use only the flaky part. I thought that was a waste, but…… Is the core tender and does it taste the same as the flaky part? I really need help with this as others may also. Your recipes look great.

  7. Thanks for some new Jack Fruit recipes! Jack Fruit carnitas tacos are yummy too! I would love to see a recipe using jack fruit in other shredded meat recipes as well. Perhaps in an enchilada casserole? Looking forward to more of your videos!

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