Healthy Dinner Ideas | Protein & Veggies


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  1. Loveee that you cook with a ton of garlic. Garlic is the best. I make my own homemade vegan pesto aoili with garlic in it as a healthy dressing! I suggest you try to make some, you'll be addicted. 👌🏻

  2. Hey Brett,
    Not sure if you covered this already but I noticed you stopped eating red meat only very recently. Can you make a video or explain in the comment as to why that is? Its something I've been trying to eat less of lately.
    Sending all my healthy positive vibes from Australia to you and Carli 🙂 X

  3. Loved that recipe, I don't like mushrooms but after watching this I'm gonna give 'em another try. I think I'll serve it over quinoa. Another thing, where can I find the coconut amino?

  4. hey! I like ur healthy videos.. can u make a video of like what u eat in one day… I'm moving out.. and I wanna learn how to cook healthy, what to buy and simple stuff like that

  5. Brettcap your videos are awesome they always motivate me to exercise and eat right 🙂
    Can you make a video of a possible healthy pizza ? Or is Blaze Pizza healthy enough ? I mean I don't eat it frequently but when I crave pizza I always try to buy a pizza from a healthy restaurant and I know Dominoz and Pizza Hut ain't it lol

  6. A lot of stir fries and dishes I'd like to try call for soy sauce and I don't really care for soy sauce all that much, so I will have to try the coconut aminos. Does it taste the same as soy sauce or no?

  7. Hi Brett, how long do you marinate for? Also, I want to get into bulk meal cooking and freezing portions so it's more convenient time wise. How do you know how long to defrost/ reheat cooked meat for without getting sick? Food poisoning is the last thing I want! Would be good if you could do a video on this and give us some recipes with guidance on heating up to eat a few days later. Thanks man!

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