Healthy Dessert Recipes! Quick Healthy Dessert Ideas ft. Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet!


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  1. The almond butter cups look like they would be a great dessert for a family get together. I try to find things I can eat that are healthy and dairy free. Whatever I choose to bring usually winds up beingthe hit of the gathering, when I do.

  2. Hey I know it’s a lot to ask for but It’s just a wish, but can you please tell how many grams or dl it is when you are telling it in cups because I don’t have the stuff to measure how mush the cups are, it’s just a wish so you don’t have to if it’s a lot of work for you but yes just a wish. And the my other wish😂🤗can you please make a video how to make healthy chocolate🍫 it would be awesome. And thank you soooo much for mention me in your video🤗😂

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