Healthy Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Recipe That Will Blow Your Mind


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  1. This looks so good. I can't stand bananas though. Gonna have to play around with this one! Again it looks delicious. Maybe I will just try it with the bananas lol. I mean start loving them again.

  2. Thank you so SO much for this recipe, I've been making it every single day for an entire week now, and not planning to stop anytime soon. πŸ™‚ Love the idea of a protein breakfast, usually it's just sandwiches or oatmeal for me.

  3. Wrong wrong and more wrong. Do you realize every single "natural" food is a hybrid of a former food. There isn't one single plant out there that isn't don't get wrapped up in this. Some foods are without a doubt closer to their original natural ancestors much like quinoa here. Read the starch solution by Dr John McDougall. Or listen to some of his lectures, every great civilization survived off of starchy grains. I'm with you on the food containing blood causing disease but starch is our friend.

  4. The only true healthy natural banana to what is the burro banana. The banana as we know it today is a product of cultivation thus meaning it's not a natural god made food source. Our bodies are electric and need alkaline food source. Bananas contain starch which is a big no no to consume. Bottom line is starch and food containing blood are the two main causes of diseases.

  5. My sister made this recipe, and it was delicious with the carob powder. We love cooking quinoa; we're health-conscious. I don't eat milk or dairy products. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

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