Healthy chicken recipe – How to cook juicy chicken breast


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  1. I thought that it was already proven that searing does not seal in the juices like many tend to say but it does add flavor, texture and a nice color to the meat. I could provide various links to prove my point but it is only a google search away and best to look for answers within the last 5 years. I'm not trying to start a fight or anything just combat misinformation. Who knows maybe in a few years it will be proven that it does seal in the juices or we will be getting our meat from factories instead of animals but currently the common consensus is that searing does not seal in the juices. Great videos by the way thanks for the keto tips.

  2. Hey mate this is Sid here from Dubai..
    Finally I got something a regular working guy can follow..
    I've been eating a half Grilled chicken for lunch everyday and a half grilled chicken for dinner as well ( not home cooked ). Just wanted to know if there is anyway I can replace my dinner with a relatively lighter meal…

  3. Hello, nice guide there! But can i use papaya which is not raw turned into fruit . I bought a green raw papaya thinking its raw but inside its orange in colour . will it marinade the chicken ?

  4. 10 buck is not even relatively "really cheap", it's insane money for 1 piece of fruit to be honest. You can buy 5-7 kilos of oranges for that price. I can belive that it's tasty and good with chicken, but again, not cheap (especially "really cheap").

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