Healthy Cheap Meals Under $1.50 | EASY Budget Friendly Meal Ideas


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  1. These videos are so misleading. Stop with the “oh they’re only $1.50 a serving!” Tell me how much you spent at the grocery store to buy all the ingredients. A person actually living on a budget doesn’t care how cheap it is per serving, we want to know how much I’ll be spending when I check out. You only used $0.45 of quinoa? A bag of quinoa is like $3.50. I would not be spending $1.29 on a meal, I’d be spending almost $7 to buy all the ingredients, and that’s a big difference for people who live paycheck to paycheck.

  2. I'm just watching the video but the comments section is jumping! And by jumping I mean b!%@#$*&. Don't worry, no one is ever good enough, especially in the online world where people can say whatever they want without fear of consequences. You're doing a fantastic job and as always your videos are really good.

  3. I know it might put me a little over budget, but if I wanted to add a protein to the stew recipe, what protein would you recommend and how would I do it in the context of the lentil stew recipe you show here?

    Also, what kind of pot are you using with the lentil stew recipe? Is it ceramic and enamel? Cast iron and enamel? What brand? And what size or how many quarts?

    Thank you for helping to liberate me from years of frozen dinners and less healthy food! 🙂
    Keep up the great work!

  4. I really wish people would stop using that ridiculous phrase "real world". If you exist, you're in the real world. You can still live at home and know how crappy things can be/are. Everything that involves existing is the real world.

  5. Starting to think I'm the only person in the meal prep community who hates quinoa. I know I could theoretically replace it with a different grain, but like, are all of yall eating quinoa all the time?

  6. You can make the banana pancakes simpler and cheaper:
    One egg, one banana, mush it all up (maybe add water if you wanna thin it out) and fry in a pan like normal. Like she said, the spottier the banana the better!

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