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  1. Looks amazing this recipe 🙂 Dont pay attention to this people that make this sad comments because this is super healthy and yes eggs and cheese are amazing protein and olive oil is the healthiest fats you can get to your body that actualy needs 20% of fat in all meals. Anyway i feel very sorry i only met your channel today because i am loving so far 🙂 Hope you will comeback one day with some more inspiration 😉 Congrats to you and your channel…

  2. hi Jordys,
    i love your recipe , its so healthy. i was looking for such recipe with brown rice. I am going to try this today. can we leave eggs in this? I am vegan. thanks

  3. Hello from NZ!
    Its always good when you find another food related Youtuber! I thought I had subscriber to most of them to keep up with the recipes that people come up with, but now I have found your channel! Great video btw.

  4. Hey! just sent you a youtube message because I wasn't able to locate your business email. Let me know via the email in the message if you're interested. Thanks! ~Claire

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