Healthy Breakfast Recipes Kids Will Love (WJW)


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  1. Don't feed your youngsters junk food. The makers of that 'food' spend hours in a lab determining how addicting the so-called food will be by adding processed additives and chemicals. The body will crave it. Your child will not want anything prepared or healthy after a few tries of the garbage.

    Just a friendly warning to new parents. Don't just look at the huge pictures and phrases such as "LOW FAT" or "GLUTEN FREE!". Instead look at the ingredients. If it isn't an ingredient that you are familiar with, 99.9% of the time you shouldn't eat it. The acceptable amount of sugar according to the FDA is not acceptable. There is a reason why USA is #1 in the World for diabetes and heart disease. Good luck. It is tough in this country as we are just seen as walking '$ symbols'.

  2. They dont seem like real parents themselves.. must have other people doing this stuff for their kids bcoz when u have fussy eater a palm tree or butterfly is an amusement but u cant make them eat food.As well who feed their kids that ammount of peanut butter on a slice

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