Healthy Breakfast Muesli | #10HealthyMeals | Anna Jones


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  1. legumele astea recunosc că folosesc vase românești? va e dor de vremea când erați un imperiu și călcați oamenii pe cap și nici macar nu sunteți capabili să va ascundeți. penbililor

  2. I tried this and I have to say, I'm not a fan of overnight muesli. I don't think the soaking breaks down the oats enough. At least not for my taste. I opt for Jamie's porridge method with pre made muesli and it comes out delicious! Plus if you have dried fruit in the muesli, it will reconstitute and sweeten the porridge. Delicious!

  3. All almond milk products in Denmark are contaminated with added poisons, the organic ones too, they ahve been sprayed with chemicals even when it says it hasnt. I get intense migraine from ALL non diary alternative milk products so far, so be careful if u are sensitive alr. Sad they ruin the healthy prodcuts, but hey thats Denmark for us :l

  4. Actually since I'm Swiss i grew up with Bircher Müesli. In this recipe something incredible important is missing: The grated apple! You have to add it to the Bircher Müesli, it's giving the Müesli its significant taste and texture.

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