Healthy Breakfast Ideas! Summer Breakfast Recipes!


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  1. your quality , video content , and attitude just screams Millions of followers!! I can't believe you only have as many as you do. when did you start YouTube?

  2. avocado on toast is always a winner. i also love muesli soak it over night in the fridge with any type of dairy free milk – honestly one of the best ways to start your day

  3. I am sure that plenty of people will not agree, but personally I love your videos, I watch pretty much all of them, but I am getting a wee bit tired of seeing a smoothie or smoothie bowl in every (a lot) of your healthy food videos. I just feel like people get it. Pop your fav fruits in and blend. Or you could make one video just dedicated to different flavor blends and be done with it. I would rather see some new stuff that people wouldn't always think to do, like the sweet potato toast you uploaded today. Great variety in that. Just one subscribers thoughts 🙂 <3

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