Healthy Breakfast Cookies: Easy Portable Breakfast Recipes! – Mind Over Munch!


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  1. Hi! I just made the chocolate peanut butter cookies and OMG! They're amazing! Ate two in a row, couldn't resist haha
    Thanks for sharing the recipe, ladies. Greetings from Argentina. ☺

  2. BAKING:________ . Soda or Powder? Recipe and verbal instructions do not match. 🙂 . PS . You all are so kind to share your family recipes.

  3. Hey ladies, about flan 🍮. I’ve only ever made it from the Goya mix, and although I don’t mind that texture, I understand your dislike for it. I have Brazilian friends that make it from scratch, and it’s very creamy – more like pudding with structure. They cook it in a water bath, which is too much work for me. Restaurants usually make their own and they’re creamy. That said, there are way too many alternatives for dessert, to waste time searching for the perfect flan. Y’all work well together.

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