Healthy BBQ Chicken with Roasted Veggies Recipe


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  1. if you don't eat as much save some for the next day, and if you prefer not to add any oil vegies can be saute'd or steamed plus if your not a fan of olive oil because sometime food tastes better with out the oil you can use coconut oil a healthier alternative.

  2. your portions are too big and you use too much oil you should eat the shit everyone else eats. how are you so calm about your comments? id be so annoyed. good job btw lookd delicious xx

  3. i have been building for 5 years, this video is awesome. You are pretty hardcore 🙂 good job. Screw what people are saying, they don't understand food because "you are not suppose to eat if you want to be healthy" their thoughts on dieting. This is a hardcore recipe. 🙂 yummy!!

  4. Nice vid simple and very easy… cut it all to your desirable size, mix all with herbs and season it. You can actually add anything you like and then put it in a oven, that's it!

    Many people are just cooking food without knowing what's in it (vitamins & minerals that your body needed) unlike this vidz she knows what shes doing. For other people out there you should read the "Important Information About Healthy Diet Menu" Google it and read it before you proceed in cooking

  5. I eat just like you. I understand where you coming from I get asked my portion size on my low carb diet all the time….counting calories is not what i do if my diet is only meat, veggies, fruits.

  6. There's such a difference between red, orange and yellow bell peppers and the green ones. The colorful ones are so much more flavorful and maybe a little sweeter than the green ones. Love that dish, fix it all the time.

  7. I was reluctant to watch this video because I'm not particularly fond of bell peppers, regardless of the color. But this just looks so absolutely tasty that I'm totally going to make it and give bell peppers a second chance!! 🙂 Love your recipe ideas btw.

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