Healthy Baby Recipes – Episode 1


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  1. pinch of salt and pepper omg! this is not suitable for solid food beginners.
    salt and sugar should not add as much as possible till the babies turn 1 year.
    this may cause illness in their kidney disease.
    therefore dear parents do not follow this instructions **

  2. nice to see some one using fresh food and not those alful jars but wtf? why is a baby that age eating baby food ? and who adds salt to baby food .. and if you are feeding to an age appropriate infant baby then please dont use long life milk or cows milk you should use breast milk in food or baby poweder milk .. give it a few years and this child will have eating issues and they will be saying oh my child wont eat solid food we have treid everything … try weaning your child in the correct way this means giveing age approprate food and expanding the different textures and tastes they have starting from a young age ..

  3. PARENTS: Remember to use only distilled drinking water for your child. This will remove the fluoride and many other contaminants often found in water. Fluoride at 9 ppm in your water district's water supply has been shown to reduce IQ by 10%. 33 international studies support this. Do your own research but do not trust the medical establishment so entirely on this one. Even the FDA recently released information about not using fluoridated water for baby formula.

  4. Potatoes, carrots and pumpkin are great for babies.
    However, feeding dairy products to children has been strongly discouraged for quite a while now since dairy has been found to be harmful. For example, there is a strong connection between dairy and auto immune diseases such as type 1 diabetes.
    As for fats, you want a low percentage of non-essential fatty acids and a high percentage of linolenic acid and linoleic acid because these two fatty acids are essential for humans. For example, adding 2-3g each of high quality flax ond sunflower seeds, freshly ground to a fine powder, is a good idea. Let the vegetable puree cool down to <40°C before adding the seed powder because polyunsaturated fatty acids are destroyed by heat.

  5. My son is a year old and is eating finger foods he won't eat purees anymore. He wants to feed himself and he only has 5 teeth and 3 more are coming through. Where did you find that spoon container? I could use that in a few months after my daughter is born

  6. This child should be sitting up feeding himself! He can chew, why do you give him puree?! Some people really underestimate their children. Or they just want to trap them in being dependent forever. I don't know.. You give him things such as butter, pepper and salt but you won't just let him sit up in a chair and eat his own food?! I don't want to be mean, I don't know these people's story at all. But it just seems weird.

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