Healthy Asian Meal Plan to Lose Weight (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


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  1. I wish I`d known about the “fizy unique plan” earlier! (Google it) I truly could have done with burning off 12 pounds back then. You ought to check it out on google!

  2. I've always admired the asian food culture and I think it's so healthy in comparison to a British lunch I feel inspired now to buy healthier options on my breaks!

  3. My cousin informed me about the “lyly amazing guide” (Google it). Within almost no time, I dropped 13 pounds. This weight loss plan works for everybody. Anyone who wants to eliminate some serious fats without doing harm to the body merely has to try “lyly amazing guide”. Google it right now!

  4. Congee is great. I eat it in winter alot. It's so filling and fulfilling! Great when you're sick too, or after throwing up (you might want to leave the fish out though if that's the case). I sometimes have congee days where I just make congee in my rice cooker and eat it throughout the day.

  5. most Asian restaurant food are fake Americanized food loaded with that, sugar and salt. home made meals are usually like what Joanna made. I make meals like that all the time with more herbs and spices.😁

  6. thank you for this vedio  I  have never eaten Asian food before,  but I do love rice,               I  think I will try some  Asian diets  for my digestive  system  problems. and  I thank you,  again, for this vedio,   be well.

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