Healthiest Homemade Dog Food with Ground Beef Recipe (Best for Making in Bulk)


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  1. lmao this lady's such a fuck tard. that's like 1% protein wtf if wrong with u dumb ass
    lol "helathy" maybe healthy for u, not for ur dog. dogs odnt need that much carbs. litearlly gonna kill ur dogs

  2. Please please don't make this meal. You should never give your dog more than 5% liver (or any organ meat) and the amount of carbs in this is insane! Parsley & eggs are good, though. Please refer to Dr. Becker but this is nuts.

  3. Oh my God. People rice and oats are NOT biologically appropriate for dogs…omg and all of the starch and carbs. This is a terrible recipe. No need to cook! People do your research and don't blindly follow this. Milk!! This is better than kibble but that's about it. DOGS DO NOT NEED RICE!

  4. I have a 60lb dog. We are planning on doing 120 miles. I'm looking for a non perishable recipe for kibble. I would think that homemade would be more filling, as it is with most human whole foods.

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