Harira – Moroccan Soup Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 187


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  1. Thanks, Alia!
    By the way, the best flavor of cilantro (i.e., coriander greens) is in the stems. Try using them finely minced.
    Actually, cilantro roots are even more flavorful.

  2. Hi Alia i like Harira bcz in 2013 in Ramadan i went to Maroco with my Marocan fiend her family was cooking Harira every day this is really Ramadan speciality

  3. Salam alaikum inshallah going to try this recipe today if I get to butcher or tomorrow we are not morrocan hubby is Tunisian and in some places he said they make harria can I omit the egg and just add vermicelle noodles?

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