Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker w/ Recipe Book on QVC


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  1. Here's the number one problem with these seemingly useful infomercial items:
    They're cheaply made but their price is anything but cheap.

    This item is worth about a dollar.
    But the markup is ridiculously high.

  2. You said you can do mini pizza in it. In fact, you can do 2 mini pizzas in it at the same time. Take the bottom one out first then let the top one drop to where the bottom one was before removing it.

  3. It’s not that easy and dangerous the bottom get to hot it will burn before the top have even started the middle section is not sucre it pops right off it’s too hot need more protection around the surface and the middle removable piece

  4. Wattastupidfuckinshittymaskine………………..tanks for makin me laugh again ,, i was so depressed this morning thinking killing myselselfe,,but this video realy makes my day,,hahahahahaha

  5. don't buy it…cumbersome takes 4-5 min to heat then cook-lost 10min of my life, what you are saving at Mcdonalds you are using your electrical minutes..easier way those cheap $10-14 "sandwich triangular maker", put egg on each side and top with reg wheat bread-2min or less

  6. You can't use Sandwich Thins, they are too big. However, you can use regular bread but you have to peel off the crust, which is a cheaper alternative then english muffins.

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