Ham and Potato Soup Recipe – Ham and Potato Chowder


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  1. Working at a grocery I know this is what poor non-white people eat which is good because poor white people eat utter trash, and this is not trash I would eat this for a lot of dollas yo

  2. I made this and it came out great, but I had trouble with the roux. I was cooking on medium heat like suggested, but my flour browned and stuck to the pan almost instantly, leaving tiny brown flakes in the final product. Any suggestions?

  3. Come on Chef.  Ditch the butter and go full on porkie and use bacon fat.  My thoughts are if you have to use a fat make it one with flavor, if the recipe allows.  And this one would.  What could be better?  How about some thinly sliced ciabatta baguette slathered with garlic butter and toasted served on the side for dipping?

  4. i have a question, i have been wanting to figure out how to make my dads soup becauae he passed couple years ago and i can never find it. all i rememeber is he put the ham on the bone in the soup itself and let it simmer for few hours? on this video and others ive seen you cut the ham up and cooked it a little first.. so im just wondering do you possibly know probably how my dad made it? please help ):

  5. Made it tonight. Top notch!

    Here's my mods:
    • Subbed scallion "whites" for yellow onion
    • Subbed Olive oil for butter
    • Subbed crispy bacon for some of the ham

  6. I was cold yesterday and I like potato soup, my son and daughter do not. But I did not care I wanted a warm soup. So I made it. Well the whole pot was gone the son had 4 bowls. IT was great and I will make your soup again. Thank you

  7. I wouldn't be able to stop myself from adding a bit of cheddar cheese. I would also use ham hocks not a slice of ham. This way you don't need chicken stock. Ham hocks produce a nice broth bc it comes with a bone.:o)

  8. Chef John, I made this soup today and it was the bizness!  Creamy, buttery and hearty all in one pot.  Served with a side of peas and a spinach salad with some crusty bread.  It was comfort heaven.  Thanks for sharing.

  9. This recipe is what taught me that my mother didn't know how to make potato soup.  It's so fast and easy.  The hardest thing is chopping the veggies.

  10. My favorite food of all time has been baked potato soup but after seeing this, they're both at par. But I lean towards this now a bit more simply because it's healthier by a couple thousand calories a spoonful haha. Anyways this video was simply the best. Thank you! 

  11. I've just made this soup! It was simply delicious, easy to follow and easy to make. Husband loved it. Thank you! I am new to your channel, but I will definitely be doing more of your recipes. 

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