Gyu Don (Beef Bowl over rice) recipe – Japanese cooking 牛丼の作り方レシピ


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  1. This looks so delicious. One of my favorite rice bowl recipes. I feel like I can never find thinly-sliced beef with the right content of fat, though.

  2. i've noticed a lot of dons require mirin, sake or wine, can these be replaced with something else? (sake and mirin because it isn't available in the netherlands and wine because i really hate the taste)

  3. hi ezjapanesecooking, I just want to ask how many bonito flakes did you put in this dish. hahaha im not into cooking but I love this food and gyudon is pricey here in the philippines. also what do you mean by parts of wine mirin and water? is it 1/4cup? thanks

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