Gyoza Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101


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  1. I just loooove gyoza, its definitely one of my faves! Growing up in Japan that was one dish that was ordered regularly when my family and I were out to eat. I'm wondering if youre familiar with BAMIYAN the Chinese restaurant thats out there. If so, would you pretty pretty please show us the recipe (if possible) for that crispy, vinegar chicken dish? Its just to die for and have been searching high and low but cannot find a recipe. 


  2. Gyoza was my family's favorite seasonal creation. I use to beg my mother to make more and more batches. We use to freeze it and then cook it a little at a time. I could sit there for days nibbling through our Gyoza supply. Hell, even I learned how to make both pork and beef Gyoza. It's that easy and delicious. American Gyoza we didn't use the fish broth, but rather chicken broth or beef broth. Changes the flavor slightly, but nothing too bad. Just…Gyoza. Easy and fun.

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