Guyanese Garlic Pork Recipe| my version | – Episode 213


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  1. I've tried 4 different versions of this with red wine vinegar, apple cider, balsamic vinegar and plain white, Ive seasoned it with green seasoning and without,.. That being said, if you are using white vinegar 2 days max. grinding the garlic also makes it very very spicy pungent and I wont recomend it. The best version Ive tried so far Is with the white vinegar and Portugese oregano,(thyme with the white flowers) and garlic only. surprisingly no green seasonings. Salt the pork first as in the previous comments… but then thats the Portugese

    Cooking.. well I've baked, fried and steamed. Shallow frying is great but is a lil tough, baking dosent have the depth of flavour as frying, so I sear the outside then add a lil water and steam. When almost done i remove the lid and place some hops bread open faced to steam ontop of the pork.

    This meal is not a one shot thing. You have to try it about 5-6 times untill you figure out what works for your family, just make sure and write down each version every time you attempt it…. I for sure going and try the version with some jerk seasoning next Christmas, that sounding Hope my experience helps

  2. After hearing about garlic pork for years I decided to try it. It smelled amazing! Imagine my horror when I tasted it. That was the Trini.version. The only difference with this is you used white vinegar as opposed to apple cider. I imagine the taste is about the same. What can I say but to each his own.

  3. Looks great!!! I kinda like garlic pork … LolzYou could try a wine base vinegar instead of pure vinegar, add in some salt, gloves and a squeeze of lemon in the marination process. Also, you can cook it off with a little brown sugar to balance off the taste.  It's all about what works for your appealing taste buds.Generally, I have this around Christmas time back home (Trinidad) it's homemade and includes most importantly the flavors and spices my family would enjoy.Love watching your videos 🙂

  4. Don't want to come off rude but u did say the beginning u have altered the recipes to use stuff Trinidadians would use so technically this is not how Guyanese make garlic pork…

  5. Lord, Lord, I doubt I'd like this. I'm not too crazy about pork, but when I feel for it, I like it done on the outside grill with lots of seasoning and that nice smokey flavor. I like the way you step out of your comfort zone to bring us recipes we may or may not like. More so, I appreciate your honesty in saying you don't like it. Well, I'll tell you something, if Natasha doesn't like it, it means this girl here wouldn't like it either…!!

  6. hi Natasha I was telling my mom about this recipe she said follow up on it in Paramin for parang time its d first dish to finish its normally 21days to soak n is not supposed to taste vinegary so I don't know if anyone form Paramin Trinidad can help

  7. Hi Natasha your right it's an acquired taste but that's not how it's usually prepared. Salt is added in the marinating process and it's fried in a pan with oil . Fried dry – a little crispy outside, moist on the inside. Because I'm not a vinegar girl I only marinate mine no more than 3 days. With wrii peppers is necessary😀. It's eaten with homemade bread. Nice try , I enjoy your videos

  8. Im Guyanese and my Mum makes this and she never leaves it for a week cos it sucks up all the vinegar and tastes really strong, 1 or 2 days maximum. Also she salts the meat same time. This is a very delicate thing and I think you either have the touch or you dont. I have watched this being made all my life and I tried and failed so now I leave it to the pro (mumzy).

  9. I'm glad you'll be making a Trinidadian version, because I honestly don't think I would like the vinegar taste either, but hats off to you for doing this because it was requested, just goes to show how dedicated you are …… Keep up the good work 🙂

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